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Chickens - we have hens and roosters for sale of all ages from one year old to hatched this weekend.  I am even selling a pair of splash Marans.     

Turkeys - We have a few year-old hens left and our incubator is going again this spring so we have young hatchlings of all ages.       

Price list while supplies last spring 2015

Just hatched Maran chicks, straight run of various colors but mostly black       $4

Year=old Hens now laying                                                                           20

Roosters                                                                                                      10

White turkeys just hatched - straight run                                                         8

Young breeding white turkeys                                                                        30

You must set up an appointment so we have time to catch them.

Guernseys:  - We do not expect to have any available this year but then again you can never say never.  What I am excited about is an upcoming sell this July in Wisconsin.  Guernsey's have become so popular that there is just no way to meet the demand the way things are going so the association has decided to think outside of the box.  They are working with farmers to implant registered female embryos into dairy cows, other than Guernsey, in order to produce more heifers.  The sale will be for the pregnant non-Guernsey cow but when her heifer is born, she can be registered since she is not at all genetically related to the cow carrying her.  Isn't it great what science can do now!   The best part of it is, many of the cows are Jersey's coming from a farm right here in Texas (the Lavon farm).  That means they will be bringing a trailer back to Texas.  Hopefully we can work something out with them to have them bring some cows back this way.  If so, you could bid on the cow you want, make payment without having to be present, and then pick the cow up on the route or at their farm. 

We are not going to buy one but I do get emails often with people wanting a Guernsey.  Here's your chance without having to drive half way across the country.  I have no idea what they will go for but yes, cattle prices are up.  Once you have the calf, you can keep the mama Jersey or sell her.  I'll post more information as it becomes available but just want to let you know so you can start saving up and preparing now.              

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