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Turkeys - We currently have yearling breeding turkeys and are hatching poults weekly while the season lasts.  But, we don't ship, sorry.   

Guernseys:  Update - Congratulations to K. Corey in central Texas on the purchase of our beautiful little Dixie.  She is ever bit as excited as I was the day I got Sally years ago.  Thanks for all those who were interested.

 -  We currently have a registered yearling heifer for sale named Dixie.  Dixie was born 11/29/2012, raised on her mother's milk and never given milk replacer.  She has had her bangs vaccination, is tattooed, and has a magnet.  She is out of our cow, Sally who has been an easy keeper on grass and very healthy so I expect Dixie to do the same. 

Dixie is A2/A2 (please see our dairy page if you are not familiar with this) and out of a bull named Grumpy.  We chose him because he is one of the highest rated bulls but more importantly, he passes on great udders and high butter and cheese merit without going overboard on the milk production.  You can see his complete profile on the American Guernsey Association web site.

Dixie is very gentle since she was hand raised and Ken spends a lot of time with his girls.  She will allow you to touch her anywhere and loves attention.  She has been raised on pasture with a small amount of grain, therefore she has a great rumen developed for grass production.

Guernseys are very rare and hard to find unless you live in a dairy state like Wisconsin, which is where her mother came from.  Dixie will go to the first serious buyer so don't miss this opportunity to own one of the few Guernseys in Texas.  Dixie is being offered for $2,400 with registration papers and is open.  Please email with any questions you may have. 

Here's a view I took this morning.  As you can see, she has a nice deep body and a good size barrel and a good balance.  Grumpy is on the short side so she is about the size of a Jersey right now but will end up being slightly taller than a Jersey but no where near as tall as a Holstein. 

Here's a view of the working end.  As you can see, her udder and milk vein is beginning to develop.  She has 4 perfectly placed teats that appear to be long enough to hand milk if you prefer.